Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stacks Pancake House and Cafe Grand Opening Today

Update 12/13/2009 12:00PM:

Here are a few more pictures of Stack's Pancake House and Grand Cafe:

Stacks from the Outside - Photo taken 12/12/2009

Stacks is packed on its first Saturday

The Patriot Pancake: Red white and blue with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream to top. Yum!

As to be expected just about every new restaurant can have a few things to work on when they first open up as stated by this anonymous poster. Sometimes I think people need to be a little more understanding but here goes:

Anonymous said...

I went there today. They did a great job on the digs, very nice, modern... Place was packed. I want it to make it but the service was TERRIBLE. THEY NEED TO FIX IT! We waited online for at least 30 minutes which is fine but for 15 minutes there were at least 5 or more dirty empty tables. It took 10 minutes for someone to come over and another 20 minutes just to get coffee and the food took forever. My pancakes were good but it wasn't even what I ordered, I just ate it... Our waiter was HORRIBLE. They desperately need a friendly hostess on weekends just greeting and seating. And they need someone just bussing. They would make more money this way because turnover would be faster and they wouldn't lose out as I saw at least 2 groups in line ahead of us leave. I also won't go back for at least a month to give them a chance to get their act together.

Stacks Team Responds

This is the stacks team. We are very sorry for your unfortunate experience at stacks.. Unfortunately we were attempting to perform a soft opening lol. We were not expecting on the 2nd day of business to get as busy as we got this am and would like to aplogize. From now on saturday and sunday or more experienced wait staff and bus boys will be there from 6 am on. We would like to welcome you to a breakfast on us tomorrow so we can show you the difference. Please ask for scott at the counter. Again we look forward to serving all of hoboken the most amazing breakfast they could have.... Thanks again

My comments: I was glad I went back the second day and got the Patriot pancake which is red white and blue with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream to top. The service as noted above could improve but that is because I don't think they were ready for the high volume. It is also takes time to get the timings down and I think one of the partners Scott Cohen takes this very seriously given his response above.

Give them time and with such a great menu the service issue should work itself out.

Original Post 12/11/2009:

Stacks Pancake House and Cafe Grand Opening Today

Photo of the interior of Stacks - I had to use the Impressionist feature of my photo editing tool to hide the
blur coming from a hasty iPhone snap. Much better pictures will be posted in a few days.

I was one of the first customers today at the newly opened Stacks Pancake House on 506 Washington Street bewteen 5th and 6th Streets.

I had my traditional favorite power breakfast of pancakes, home fries and a side of sausage. I just got their regular pancakes to sample their flapjacks in their purest form. They had many other exotic pancake combinations on the menu which I think I will try on subsequent visits. I did not get syrup (yes they have real maple syrup as an option!) and instead opted for my pancakes with butter only. The regular order consists of three large sized pancakes. The pancakes were fluffy and tasty and had the slightest hint of nutmeg. I spoke with one of the partners and he said it took them several months to get the batter recipe down. I can understand why, the results are impressive.

I joked that they should keep that recipe under lock and key just like the Colonel over at KFC. He replied that they eventually plan to sell their batter to go which they make from scratch on the premises.

The homefries were tasty and not too greasy and a very decent portion was given. You know that big guys like me like their big guy portions. Perhaps a little too much! (waistline) :)

The sausage links were plump and high quality and three links were given out. Most diners only give you two links and not as big. The sausage was seasoned well and hit the spot on a cold and blustery day.

Overall the menu was reasonably priced, the food well prepared, the pancakes a signature dish, and the new staff friendly and eager to provide great service. The location should work for this type of business since the owners plan to keep it open 24 hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday starting next week. A midtown location that is open late could be successful catering to both Stevens students and late night revelers looking to coat their stomachs with carbs after a night on the sauce.

Here is wishing this new business the best. I plan to return soon for another sampling from their menu.

Editor's Note: Unlike another well known blog I don't do restaurant reviews looking for comps (freebies) or ads for my website. I paid for my meal in full and if  I did not like the food I would not be doing a review. How is that for transparency and disclosure! :)

Stacks Pancake House and Cafe

Address: 506 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ, 07030
Phone: 201-710-5777
Fax: 201-710-5778
Website:  ( should be up by next week) ◦