Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoboken 411 has a new look and "Blue Powder" feel - Putting lipstick on a pig

Hoboken 411 has a new look and feel with its web site as of this weekend. Will the new look come with better content (besides store openings and closings) or will it be the same claptrap and shill for all things Mason (or anti Zimmer) on the political front? Will this new look and feel resurrect the site's dismal drop in comments like the Greek stock market or will it be just another case of putting lipstick on a pig?

Hoboken 411's new look- Different colors, same old sh*t

Here is what one reader "Infotainme" had to say about the new look:

Ghastly, no? Fluorescent blue fading to powder (a nod to Cammerano perhaps) blue but retaining the pumpkin colored print. I always thought the best thing about 411 was its palette. It looks like he is returning to his porn roots. Perry has always struck me as a guy who was trying to hit upon the right combination of beer, poppers, and steroids to impress the football team and never realizing nothing would work. This won't help either. Those football players can be soooo insensitive..

Additional Editor Comment:
Doesn't the powder blue color remind you of the color of Beth Mason's second batch of t-shirts in the November special election where her  husband's millions got her a weak second place? Does this color change make it official the Hoboken 411 is now Beth Mason HQ? Discerning readers already knew that! ◦