Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hoboken Journal Editor- Its My Birthday Today!

   TO ME!

Today I turn 43 years old. I received numerous well wishes on my Facebook account that I rarely check lately but in the spirit of good humor here are a few gems from some of my friends in jest of course. With friends like this who needs the Russos as enemies. :)

My statement to my brother:

"43 years old. Get my fat ass some Geritol and load the Luger!"

A funny statement from my little Italian friend who I call "Wooden Puppet Boy":

"Happy birthday you old goat. They just got a new shipment of nooses at Tucker's Drugstore on the corner of 10th." 

Well wishes from fellow blogger nine9nine:

"Happy Birthdayus Reformerus!"

Resident comedian Adam Wade:

Happy 80 years young grandpa :)

And finally the crown gem, a birthday limerick courtesy of  reader Lincoln Logger:

"There once was a blogger named Kurt,
Who helped put his town on alert.
So the bad guys they railed,
But a hero he's hailed
Sadly now he is older than dirt."

Thanks all. As time permits I will continue to do my best to keep Hoboken informed. ◦