Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zimmer Detractor Makes Strange Facial Expressions

In the Hoboken Reporter this week there was a well written recap of the Hoboken City Council meeting held on 6/2/2010. What made this story interesting is the facial expression of one resident whose City Council meltdowns as of late have been evident for all to see. That person is none other than Peter Cammarano supporter, Mason attack dog and Zimmer detractor Lane Bajardi. Here is the link to the story and a copy of the photo left for reference and context.......

The photo above is from the Hoboken Reporter City Council Recap 6/2/2010 written by Tim Carol.

In the spirit of another web site that used to be the go-to place for Hoboken political news and commentary but now has seen its comment traffic take a nosedive, here is a photoshop of Mr. Bajardi in a context more befitting my assessment of his mental state and my version of political satire.......

If there is any interest in a photoshop contest for this image let me know via email at ◦