Friday, December 3, 2010

Introducing Tom Greaney! - Tom Speaks on the Hoboken Corner Car Program

For those of you who might not yet know, Tom Greaney is a 2nd Ward resident who is likely to challenge Beth Mason for the 2nd Ward City Council seat. He was involved in the Carol Marsh campaign in 2005 and has been making appearances at City Council meetings for the last year. He has not formally announced yet but it is pretty much expected he is a lock to run for the 2nd Ward seat in May.

Here are Tom's remarks in support of the current Corner Car Program at the last Hoboken City Council Meeting:

My Comment: Beth Mason will no doubt spend a lot of money in her re-election bid but the question is, where will her core support come from? As political hired gun Paul Swibinski once said, " Beth lost her base".

I have seen Tom Greaney at several 2nd Ward block parties and the reception has been positive. Campaigns are arduous affairs and Beth Mason will likely throw everything in perhaps including the kitchen sink at him in order maintain her council seat. For anyone who follows this stuff closely (like me and you the reader), the real prize for Beth Mason is the Mayor's office in 2013, to the detriment of 2nd Ward residents currently. In the meantime many 2nd Ward residents I have spoke to are fed up with Beth's ineffectiveness and obstructionism at City Council meetings.

Will Tom Greaney be that guy to step up and get the support for those who want to see positive change (and not just so-called reformers)? Folks, that is why we have elections. Let us just hope they are fair this time around. Street money doesn't have the same effect when you are dealing with residents paying 5 figures in taxes per annum. That fact gives Tom Greaney a good chance to unseat Beth Mason provided he reaches out to as many constituents as possible and runs an effective campaign. ◦