Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Peter Cunningham Urges Support of Mayor's Rec Fee Veto and Michelle Russo the Opposite

Both sides of the political fence are trying to rouse up the crowd for tonight's City Council meeting on the $25 rec fee ordinance that was vetoed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer. Here are rally cries from both sides of the issue.

From 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham in support of the Mayor's Veto:

Friends and neighbors...

Please see the attached posting from Michele Russo, Councilman Michael Russo's mother. She's calling for all parents that have children in Hoboken sports to attend this evening's council meeting to denounce the Mayor's VETO which stopped the Russo/Mason Recreational Fee rollback. The rollback ordinance was sponsored by Councilman Occhipinti.

If you can, I am asking the same. Please attend this evening to support the Mayor's Veto as there's a resolution on the table to overturn the fiscally prudent measure we passed overwhelmingly last year. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Thanks, Peter

From Michele Russo on her Facebook Thread in favor of subsidizing recreation:


Please come to the Council Meeting tomorrow Night. Asking for $25.00 per child per sport is insulting. We have one field our Little League field that isn't even regulation size. 1 gym that we share with adults, who pay for it (I might add) I coach Cheering my girls pay for eve...rything. If we get $10,000.00 a year for competition fees that's a lot. Come join me and my coaches and parents to tell this Mayor we are done with her stupidity. Please say it's only $25.00 it's the principal. Bayonne charges $5 and has over 12 fields, North Bergen charges $25 and has over 6 fields all other communities are free and have more fields and gyms that Hoboken. AND FULL COOPERATION from their BOARD OF EDUCATION.

- Michele Russo (mother and political handler advisor of 3rd Councilman Mike Russo)

Question: What is it with the old guard and their obsession with all caps? ◦