Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Russo Scam - Audit Reveals Anthony Russo Inappropriaetly Recieved Free Health Care Benefits

In a memo dated March 11, 2011 from Mayor Dawn Zimmer, several issues were addressed to the City Council but one stands out as a reminder of the daunting task Mayor Dawn Zimmer faces in cleaning up the corruption of the past in Hoboken. I turns out that a recent audit revealed that Anthony Russo former convicted Mayor, and current City Councilman Mike Russo's father has been getting free retiree health care inappropriately since the Roberts Administration. Below is an excerpt of that email that brings this to ever transparent light:

Here is the link to the actual Resoluton Pack that contains the memo on the City Website:

For perspective on this issue and a great laugh that is unfortunately at the Hoboken taxpayer's expense, here is the faux champion of clean government Mike Russo raising the issue of free retiree health insurance at a December 3, 2008 City Council meeting. Do you think there is any chance Mike Russo will have much to say about the issue now? Prediction: The silence could be deafening!

My comment: This family needs to be out of political power. They have simply gouged the Hoboken taxpayer long enough. The same family/cabal Beth Mason has made an alliance just for the sake of her quest for personal power. That is why she needs to be voted out of office as well. Enough already! ◦