Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ruben Ramos: Will he be challenged in the Democratic Primary for NJ Assembly?

Question from Reader: Could Ruben Ramos once again get a free pass in the primary because most of Hoboken is all focused on Board of Education and City Council elections?

Link: http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/New_Jersey_General_Assembly_elections,_2011

Ruben Ramos
A reader stated in an email:
"The filing deadline is for NJ Assembly candidates is 4/11/2011. So much attention on the School Board and City Council elections, this could slip by unnoticed. People will wake up in June with the council majority back where it should be and turn their attention to the state assembly election in November, only to realize that we are stuck with Ramos for another 2 years because no one filed.

It will be most interested to see if Beth is gathering signatures for this as well as a hedge. That would be a reason to make nice with Zimmer, since she'll want her blessing against Ramos. The only other seat left for her is freeholder."

Share your thoughts in the comments below if you think Ruben will be challenged or not for the Democratic primary seat.

Note: Assembly seats in NJ are only two year terms. ◦