Friday, May 27, 2011

Rumor Mill: Hoboken Journal has Not Been Contacted by The FBI

There are some crazy rumors going on around town about my blog in light of the City Hall investigation that I got wind of from my various sources so let me do my part to go on the record and assert the following true statements:

  • I have not been contacted by the FBI or and law enforcement agency about the City Hall investigation or about my website generally. I don't know any of the details behind that investigation nor do I expect to.
  • There have been a few comments that I have either deleted or edited that crossed the standards of my site. I try to keep it open but when certain comments cross the line they have to be dealt with. Never has a member of law enforcement, the Administration or a lawyer directed me to delete or modify a comment on my site. Citizens have on rare occasions and I review the complaint and act accordingly.
  • I don't know who "Deep Uvula" is or care to. "Deep Uvula" is the unnamed source of Nancy Pincus and her blog on I have no affiliations or knowledge of "Deep Uvula" other than enjoying the posts on Nancy Pincus' site like everyone else.
  • Hoboken Journal, Mile Square View and Grafix Avenger in no way are coordinated in terms of the content from political handlers. We all actually get along quite swimmingly and sometimes share photos, etc. but we all have our various sources on information and decide when and how to publish what we post. Sure, can people try to influence us on how we cover an event, but we are the final arbiters of our own content and we are all quite independent. Part of the joy of having these three blogs is I never know what to expect unless I get a tip from the Horsey from time to time but he usually just dangles a carrot.
  • I am not paid by anyone to blog on behalf of any one faction. I have Google Ads to offset my costs on the Hoboken Journal and that is it.
Hopefully this clears up some of the hysteria but if you have nay concerns feel free to comment below or reach out to me via email at ◦