Thursday, July 14, 2011

City of Hoboken Releases Water Front Inspection Report and Opens up Part of Sidewalk

The latest on the repaired walkway near the Hudson Tea Building...


The City of Hoboken is releasing the final waterfront inspection report of all publicly-accessible, privately-owned sections of the Hoboken waterfront. In November, 2010, the Zimmer Administration requested and the City Council approved that a complete inspection of the Hoboken waterfront be performed by Boswell Underwater Engineering. In January, the City released the findings for the publicly-owned portions of the waterfront. Since then, the findings for the privately-owned portions were presented to the respective property owners since the cost for all repairs will be their responsibility.

In addition, the City is re-opening portions of the walkway around the Hudson Tea Building. The walkway was closed as a precaution after a preliminary review, pending a more in-depth investigation. While repairs are needed to sections of the waterfront walkway around the Tea Building, engineers have determined that it is possible to re-open some previously fenced off areas.

The City engineer has held a series of meetings with Toll Brothers and Applied, and the City is advocating for all necessary repairs to be completed as quickly as possible. Toll Brothers and Applied have begun the process for repairs. The City’s engineer will continue working closely with their engineers to ensure repairs are completed.

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