Friday, July 8, 2011

Frank Pupie Raia Birthday Bash Highlights

Last night Frank “Pupie” Raia held his 60th Birthday party at Hoboken’s Sinatra Park from 6pm-10pm. Musical guests were a Neil Diamond Tribute band, a top 40 cover group from Montreal Canada called Alter Ego and the finale was scheduled to be Grand Funk Railroad. The Hoboken Journal did not stay for the whole event but it was very well attended and all paid for by Frank Raia himself. Free food and beer were provided as well.

Last year the Naked Cowboy made an appearance and this year it was the Naked Cowgirl! I swear Frank Raia is trying to unite this city with nudity since his last two runs for mayor didn’t seem to do the trick. The caped crusader (Hoboken’s Batman) made an appearance as well and that should be no surprise as Batman loves a free concert and showing off his dance moves.

On the political front Frank was surrounded with the usual old guard political players and henchmen: Ruben Ramos, Matt Callichio, Jamie Cryan, Nick Callichio, Mike Holmes, Ines Garcia-Keim, Peter Biacammano and Paula Ohaus just to mention a few. Even newcomer to politricks old guard style Franz Paetzhold was seen hanging out with his new political allies. Any assetion that Franz is independent now should be quite laughable given my recent observations. He is old guard all the way. After all America is a free country, it is his choice to make but my right to observe and analyze and report here.

Matt Callichio, like me is no master of stealth (us both being large guys) and I spotted him trying to take my picture with his camera phone. No worries Matt, I am running for public office (Freeholder in November of 2011) and expect to get my picture taken. Not sure the reason for the vain attempt at stealth.