Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Real Results, Real Good Results! Kids First Sweeps all Four Board Seats

Kids First Gets BOE Clean Sweep! (Once Provisionals are counted)

Maureen Sullivan, backer of her right wing partisan slate of tea bagging, foaming at the mouth (recently police processed and seemingly unhinged at times supporter Lane Bajardi comes to mind), factually misrepresenting Red Elephants could be probably heard singing to herself "All by myself" after yesterday's resounding defeat against Kids First and an old guard collection of Independents. She truly will be all alone on that Board for the remainder of her term. Shows what happens when you are not a team player. Provisionals still need to be counted in order to certify the election and there is a very slight chance that the third three year term could come into play but it is very mathematically unlikely.

Lesson learned here is that Hoboken does have its share of Republicans but enough of them voted for Kids First because they felt that either there were no real alternatives that care about the education of the Kids or that Kids First was the best ticket for the Public Schools. Either way the closeness of the election is a good take away for the Kids First Slate. Experience shows that power on the Hoboken BOE can be fleeting. There is much work to be done. Kids First must do a better job of reaching out to various constituencies and be more open to sensible opposing views.

Kids First Celebrating at Maxwell's Last Night
Note to Hoboken 411: Don't lift this photo Klaussenfurher!

3 Year Positions

•Irene Sobolov: 1,626
•Leon Gold: 1,464
•Rose Marie Markle: 1,322

Runners Up:
John Madigan 1,256
Kyelia Colon 1,071
Patricia Waiters 978
Elizabeth Markevitch 772
Perry Lin 661
Kathleen Tucker 659

Special Note to Yuppies: Functionally illiterate Pervasively incoherent Patricia Waiters (and I am being kind here) got more than 200 votes than Elizabeth Markevitch. Just goes to show the 4th Ward "machine vote" trumps the free market at least in Hudson County. I might disagree with Liz on some issues but imagine for a moment that someone like Patricia (who infamously held an umbrella for Cammarano during his perp walk) was on the BOE for three years. At least there would be some entertainment value but at whose expense? The kids? Turnout still stinks. Get out and vote people!

Congrats to a few of the Runners up: Kudos to Kyelia Colon for her strong showing as a first time BOE candidate. A friend whose opinion I trust had very nice things to say about her and her dedication to Hoboken issues. Also, I would like to congratulate Ken Howitt as well on a strong showing and I do understand why he ran for the board though I might not necessarily agree with all of his analysis.

1 Year Term

Jean Marie Mitchell: 1,243

Runners Up:
Ken Howitt 1,083
John Forsman III 610

Here is some very dimly lit video of Kids First celebrating at Maxwells: