Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rent Control Subcommitee Meeting Video from 1/24/2010

I was able to record the video from last night's meeting on Rent Control held at Hoboken City Hall. A watered down ordinance was presented but both sides seemed to at least get something from this but clearly wanted more. Due to restrictions in YouTube file sizes here is just about all of the meeting is in 4 parts.....

Hoboken Rent Control Meeting 1-24-2011 Part 1 of 4 Featuring Ron Simoncini of Mile Square Tax Payers Association:

Hoboken Rent Control Meeting 1-24-2011 Part 2 of 4:

Hoboken Rent Control Meeting 1-24-2011 Part 3 of 4 Featuring Dan Thumpson and a resident challenging Beth Mason on her alleged lack of transparency :

Hoboken Rent Control Meeting 1-24-2011 Part 4 of 4 Featuring Cheryl Fallick:

My Comment: This is a very nuanced issue and a politically charged one as well. No politician honestly wants to tackle this issue head on during an election season but the fact that Beth Mason as committee chair had this ordinance for 8-9 months and only produced these changes had some scratching their heads on both sides. This is another example where one can legitimately question Beth Mason's focus as a City Council person. She was elected to serve her 2nd Ward as a legislator and not run for Mayor for four years. Second Ward residents have not been adequately served as a result. When ambition trumps stewardship combined with ADD, lack of progress can be the order of the day. This is just one of many examples on her legislative record.

Still, this ordinance should be amended and moved forward and the committee as a whole should be commended for at least producing smoreome modification in the right direction. This issue will not go away until substantial changes are brought into the fold. ◦