Thursday, May 6, 2010

City Council Meeting Recap - In photos

I am not in the mood for much writing today so I decided to put some highlights of last night's City Council meeting in pictures. For more detail go to your usual sources.......

The Council of No.

Beth Mason uber ally and fervent Hoboken 411 supporter and alleged ghost writer Lane Bajardi making yet another politically motivated statement before the council. Notice how members of the council are preoccupied while hearing this verbal diarrhea. I could swear I heard crickets at the end of his speech. Question: Does he go home and watch himself after the meetings?

Patricia Waiters and Margaret O'Brien (left to right) with their Beth Mason for Mayor and patriotic gear. Wait, didn't Beth just lose an election?

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Roman Brice, blogger of the Mile Square View aka "Da Horsey" was keeping near the Police Do Not Cross tape in case an enraged citizen who has a penchant for alleged assault should go after his camera again. I am happy to report that the decorum of the meeting was in check last night. Some like myself were expecting fireworks.

Mike Russo and Mike Lenz go back and forth on the budget. Russo would make erroneous statements and Lenz would correct him. Makes for great theater if nothing else.

New B.A. Arch Liston who is paid a salary that seems to have Bajardi and others envious.

Nino Giacchi - Awake! and generally voting the right way, even better!

Here is why we shouldn't go too deep in terms of cuts in the Police force. Elmo was found murdered between 7th and 8th on Washington Street during my walk home. Rumor has it he tried to take pictures of a certain someone at the last BOE candidate's forum. Moral of the story: Be careful who you take pictures of; what happened to Elmo could happen to you. :)