Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CIty Council Meeting Tonight 5/19/2010 - Live Blog with Chat

Hoboken City Council Meeting tonight 5/19/2010 starting at 7PM.  Live video feed! - with Cover it Live! Live blogging software starting at 6:45PM:

Council Agenda:

Resolution Pack:

Here is a press release from The Mayor's office on the supposed leak that has been published on Hoboken 411 about the new location of the garage. Hoboken 411 claims the leak was not provided by anyone that was bound by confidentiality. I leave it up to the reader to discern whether or not that statement is really true or not. If there was a leak from a supposed source that should have remained confidential I will hope the Perry Belfiore will file another ethics complaint on this egregious behavior on behalf of the citizens of Hoboken. Coming from Peter Cammarano's front man that would mean so much. :) There will be no vote on the bonding for the temporary garage since the RFP's are not due back next week.


There have been erroneous reports distributed throughout the community regarding the status of potential sites for a public works garage.

Here are the facts:

There are ongoing negotiations, and we are reviewing all options. No decisions have been made, and all options are on the table. The City is under no contract to acquire properties.

Request for Proposals were issued on Monday, May 17 seeking bids for temporary space for a garage and parking. Responses to the RFPs are required within 10 calendar days and due by Friday, May 28th at 4:00 pm.

The public will be apprised of those responses at an upcoming City Council meeting which will be publicly advertised through the local press and on the City’s web site. The public is encouraged to comment on those responses when they have been received.

The Administration, in coordination with City Council President Peter Cunningham, agreed to postpone a vote on a bond ordinance for the temporary structure of the garage facility until the RFP responses have been reviewed. This means that neither the bond ordinance related to the garage nor the garage itself will be discussed at this week’s Council meeting unless it is brought up at the public portion at the conclusion of the meeting.

Planning and preparation for the set up of a temporary site have been ongoing, along with clean up and organizing in preparation for an upcoming move from the current site on Observer Highway.

Once a final decision is made on the new location, with input from the public, then the City will be well positioned to move the municipal garage site to a temporary location. ◦