Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hoboken Journal Called out for Perry Klaussen Post

I always take accountability for my actions and my posts and one reader whose commentary I respect hobok1880 called me out on's Hoboken forum for my recent post on Perry Klaussen. In my attempt at transparency here is the exchange:

Here are hobok1880's remarks:

"Speaking of being a hypocrite, the blog entry posted by Reformer_Giganticus making fun of Perry K's weight and personal life was disgusting. He tries to say that two people created a photo essay of it. Still, he was the one posting it. Again, these guys are not any better than 411. Even Tony Soares said it wasn't right to pick on someone's appearance. Real class coming from Perry and Roman today - just as bad as 411. Guys, if you want us to believe you are any better, CLEAN UP YOUR DIRTY ACT!"

Here is my response back:

"For this post I am no better than Perry K. in terms of what was presented on the web in that one article. I had the photos but the comments were written by real commenters. I have many stories myself but declined to share them and they are none too flattering about him and his small cadre of misanthropes.

However, I have not launched private investigations into politician's personal lives, I haven't called posters employers trying to get them in trouble at work, I haven't assaulted anyone for their camera and filed a false police report, spammed someone with Craiglist, paid campaign workers cash, intimidated local businesses, and threatened any women with rape that doesn't agree with me. It is suspected that is the handy work of the Hoboken 411 axis of political jerks.

Perry K. is a cyber-bully and my lesson from he playground is when a bully attacks you or your friends, you hit back. Still, your criticism is valid and my standards lowered.

I just found it ironic that Perry has spent years making fun of Lenz for being fat and now he is fatter than Lenz. I clearly stated I too am still fat and it sent me to the hospital.

Unlike Hoboken 411 who is a shill for all things Mason, I am not a shill for Zimmer. I take no direction from her or her staff. Sure I publish their releases but I let people comment as they wish. Yes, I did donate to Zimmer but no I did not expect anything in return other than a better government.

The Zimmer administration has not been perfect. Last night was great example of how they misread the power of NIMBY (not in my backyard). Those residents had every right to say what they said.

Things have moved too slowly for many including myself but I do know that some things will take time. If progress is not made then Zimmer will not have my support in 2013."

I do respect your opinion and this why I have taken time to write a response.

Additional comment:

I do take hobok1880's remarks seriously and acknowledge I am not perfect. I crossed a certain line of decency but I can tell you it did not come unprovoked. While I have virtually no respect for him anymore I do not hate Perry Klaussen. However, his claim that he is keeping Hoboken honest since 2006 is very laughable indeed. He has gone after countless people (even outside the political realm). Despite his occasional politically motivated orchestrations that appear like victories (like his Bajardi Russo axis leak fed political rouse up the public display last night) he has done more harm than good like when he promotes new businesses in town. That was my motivation for going after him but I acknowledge that it takes me down too. ◦