Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Longest Voyage at Sea ends June 17th on the Hudson River

New York City artist, adventurer and sailor Reid Stowe, on his 70-ft. gaff-rigged schooner Anne, has less than one month left on his epic 1000+ Days non-stop and non-resupplied sea voyage. However, since Day 1,000 (January 16, 2010) of Stowe’s challenging voyage would have scheduled his return to New York Harbor in the middle of winter when the storms of the North Atlantic were at their peak, Stowe decided to sail with the variable winds and currents of the Atlantic doldrums, postponing his return until Thursday, June 17, 2010, after logging 1,152 days at sea.

On June 17, Stowe will be accompanied by a flotilla of boats up the Hudson River to Pier 81 (World Yacht pier) where he will debark at 1 p.m. and step foot on land for the first time in over three years. He will reunite with his companion, Soanya Ahmad, who sailed with Stowe for the first 306 days of the voyage, but had to leave due to morning sickness. Ahmad now holds the women’s record for the longest non-stop sea voyage. Stowe will also meet, for the first time, his son Darshen, who was conceived at sea and is now almost two years old.

Stowe left port April 21, 2007, accompanied by his companion Ahmad. Together they sailed from the Hudson towards the Atlantic on a ship laden with three years worth of food, beans for sprouting, solar panels for energy, large tarps to catch rainwater, a laptop, an Iridium satellite telephone, and a JouBeh satellite tracking unit that would verify the path of the 1000 days voyage (see Google map at http://www.1000days.net/). Stowe survived a collision with a freighter on day 15, endured tough repairs with limited supplies, through the loss of his companion and only crewmember when she had to leave the boat due to nausea, and through the solitary days that followed. Still, Stowe managed to create two large scale conceptual art drawings with the course that he sailed, the shape of a whale in the Pacific and a heart in the Atlantic.

Why 1000 Days?

One thousand days is the time estimated for a future mission to Mars, which will have similar attributes of isolation and vessel self-reliance – hence the project’s name, “Mars Ocean Odyssey.” Stowe’s primary motivation is “to take exploration on the sea further than anyone has before.” Linked to thousands of followers on the Web, on day 638 he writes, “…it takes more to live at sea than a good boat and all the preparations, skills and psychology than you can imagine. It takes the continued support of the loving consciousness of humankind.” Despite numerous mental, physical, and emotional hardships that would have caused another person to head for the safety of the shore, Stowe remains optimistic, finding strength in a deep spiritual connection to the sea.

Please visit the official website at http://www.1000days.net/  to read daily blogs from the Anne, see her current location, hear audio clips, and much more.

Click on Read More to get the schedule:

Arrival Details -June 17, 2010

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Flotilla to welcome Stowe from south of the Verrazano Bridge to Pier 81
All vessels may register by visiting http://www.1000days.net/

Noon (approximately)
Best viewing of the Welcome Flotilla is along the esplanade – Battery Park City
Bring signs saying “WELCOME HOME, REID!!!”

1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Welcome event on Pier 81 (World Yacht / Circle Line)
Foot of West 42nd Street and Hudson River
Stowe lands, reunited with family, greetings by NYC VIPs, photo oppty.
Free admittance by reservation, only - visit http://www.1000days.net/
Pier 81 event generously hosted by Circle Line / World Yacht
Free food and champagne donated by Circle Line / World Yacht

June 20, 2010

6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Welcome party at Pier 66 Maritime
Foot of West 26th Street and Hudson River
Fundraiser for Stowe
Music, food, bar – Meet Reid Stowe and celebrate
Tickets available on http://www.1000days.net/