Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bike Hoboken City Council Candidate Questionnaire

Josh Meyers of sent this in for each of the City Council candidates running in this year's elections. Bike Hoboken believes it's important for voters to understand the candidates' perspectives on all things Hoboken. In their position, they serve as a representative to all biking-related matters in Hoboken, and as such, it is their duty to inform their members of the potential Council Members' outlook on biking in town.

Hoboken Candidate Questionnaire - 2011

1) Describe your relationship with bicycling in Hoboken - Do you consider yourself a bicycle rider in Hoboken? If so, how frequently do you ride a bike? When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Was it in Hoboken? Does anybody in your family ride a bike?

2) Would you consider riding your bike to work or to Council Meetings?

3) Do you support the recommendations of the Hoboken Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan?

4) Do you support the City's Complete Streets policy? What improvements would you recommend to it?

5) Do you think bicycling has a place in Hoboken? How so?

6) Do you think that Hoboken’s transportation issues could be addressed by placing more of an emphasis on biking and walking around town? Why or Why not?

7) What kind of initiatives towards biking and walking do you think would alleviate some of Hoboken’s transportation/congestion issues?

8) What steps would you take to make Hoboken's streets less intimidating and more accessible for bicyclists?

9) Would you support more than doubling the number of bike lanes in Hoboken? Doubling the number of bike racks in Hoboken?

10) Do you believe a bike-sharing program is appropriate for Hoboken? Would you support bringing a bike-sharing program to Hoboken? Why or why not

11) Do you support creating secure indoor bicycle storage and/or shower facilities at the Hoboken Terminal to encourage bicycle commuting? ◦