Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peter Cunningham on Car Sharing Program Input

Here is a note from Councilman Cunningham who is gathering information from the public to get their input on the best locations for the upcoming car share program. In another example of transparency, the public's input is appreciated.

Dear 5th Ward Neighbors,

We are soon to implement a car sharing program (just like Zip Car - but run by Hertz) throughout the city. Each Ward Council person has the opportunity to either work with their community or choose locations as they see fit for where the allocation of cars will be located on our city streets. Please see the attached document that shows where cars are currently requested, and let me know your thoughts on these and/or additional locations.

It is important to recognize that current statistical data shows for every Car Sharing vehicle in the program, over the course of two years 17.2 cars will be taken off our streets, thus creating additional parking (and perhaps a huge financial saving to yourself!).

Please respond with your thoughts (or questions) over the next couple of days.

Thanks, Peter Cunningham
5th Ward Councilman