Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures Of Perry Klaussen - a Photo Essay by Two Commenters

Thanks to a certain blogger in town I recently received some newer pictures of Perry Klaussen and was trying to figure out when or if I would use them. Tonight I had two commenters make remarks on an old thread about the unhinging of the proprietor of Hoboken 411, Perry Klaussen. The appropriate pictures precede the reader's comment in a way that I think hits the nail (or pool stick) on the head and meshes with their insight that ties in their points quite effectively.

Perry Klaussen - Hoboken 411's proprietor - A face of hate or a cry for help?

From commenter Jacques:

"Perry used to have a great site that spoke to all Hobokenites, regardless of political or social orientation. In the last year or so -- especially since Obama's presidency -- Perry has decided to adopt a one-sided, blatantly right-wing analysis of each issue addressed on his site. He uses headlines straight out of Fox News, with the "You Decide!" addition as some lame attempt at "impartiality".

The 411 site is now solely about Perry, and if that is to make any sense, you need to know him, as I do.

He is a lonely man. Now hard against middle age, he remains single as he has been for ages. But his waistline is now growing in direct proportion to his ego, but he remains alone. His friends and family are all now settling down, getting engaged and married, and Perry has become more and more bitter with each passing day.

Perry and his site should have kept it to nice reviews about pizza parlors and dog sitters. Once he got into politics he began with the Glenn Beck-inspired rants and anti-Obama ravings. Why does a guy who has a nice little niche decide to start dealing with global warming?

Once he was contacted by Fox to be on their mailing list for press-releases and attack pieces, he lost most of us.

I feel bad for the guy. Now I see him come into bars where he was once welcomed and feel the atmosphere tighten. He has repeatedly been thrown out of bars and restaurants because of his bizarre willingness to yell and scream about Obama's birth certificate or Glen Beck's right to Mormon polygamy.

Perry is a troubled dude. And it's too bad."

Perry Klaussen is well known for making fun of those who are fat.
Has he taken a good look in the mirror lately?
Take it from me, I should know as I have my own weight issues relating to overeating/indulgences.

From commenter Catrina:

'Perry is one fat bastard these days, eh? He's the first person to make fun of fat people. He's the first person to make fun of other's eating habits. And he's now on his way to being the fattest guy in the room.

Perry is miserable. Perry has been miserable for a long time. It's easy to figure out miserable people - they hang out in groups. Perry's friends and family might be getting engaged and married, but for the most part they are miserable people too. Misery loves company.

From what I've heard, Perry was banned from a lot of bars over the years, allowed back in because of the popularity of H411, and is now, once again, banned. I also hear he strong arms local business owners into advertising. And let's not forget his penchant for putting up unwanted advertising (see the Zimmer for mayor campaign. Perry put up ads that the Zimmer team didn't authorize or pay for and was forced to pull them down. He did it to garner credibility). I bet some of his ads aren't paid ads.

Perry is a fat, drunken loser with serious mental issues. And the more any other site discusses him the more credibility he thinks he gets. I recommend not discussing him any more."

My comment: Yes, this post is personal and Perry Klaussen has ruthlessly gone after many of my friends in his brief reign of terror since changing the focus of  his website. Not so much at first but more so lately and most likely he and his smaller circle of miscreants have gone on a binge of private investigation into personal lives, anonymous rape threats, prank phone calls, verbal threats, blatant lies and more recently bodily assault and false police report filing. Can I prove it beyond a reasonable doubt? No, but do I believe it? Absolutely yes!

With that said I was very alarmed by the last picture of him via the side profile. I too have struggled with my weight from living it up and eating too much and not getting enough exercise. Less than two months ago I had my wakeup call in the form of a visit to an acute cardiac ward with heart issues. I am doing better and now following doctor's advice but where he is in terms of his outward health should be sending off alarm bells.

Now I am not the only one in town to not like Perry Klaussen. The line of those people is a lot longer than a Beth Mason election worker payday (check or cash?). It is time Perry put away the hate, see a doctor and get some help. He should do so before it is too late. I came very close to realizing that nightmare. ◦