Sunday, May 23, 2010

Political Cartoon of the Week "Street Money Mason"

Street Money Mason based on a Dutch Painting

Over the last several weeks Beth Mason initiated and Ravi Bhalla countered with attacks on each other's ethics on separate issues. Beth Mason went after Ravi for campaign contributions to a Newark PAC demanding that he resign from his position immediately. What else is new; Beth Mason practically goes after everyone that stands in her way for her grasp for ever so fleeting power. Formerly respected Hoboken pay to play group POG even stepped in and tried to throw Zimmer and her slate under the bus demanding action but never specifying what action was required in one of the more poorly and politically charged communications in recent Hoboken non-partisan group history.

Based on what I have read and found out it is apparent to me that Ravi does not appear to be involved in any pay to play or quid quo pro activities given the nature of the PACs that he donated to that I know about. Still, I am concerned about the involvement in these machine-like organizations that are part of Ravi's political past. I have generally liked Ravi's contributions to the City Council but perhaps Mason's attack has succeeded somewhat in denting Ravi's reputation as a reformer. Where I sit now, if there was a call to get the best reformer available for a special election I don't know if I would put Ravi at the top of the list. Of course there is always time to rebuild ones reputation and adhere to the higher standards of reform that Beth Mason espouses when it is politically convenient but fails to follow herself.

Beth Mason on the other hand, is still in a categorical state of denial about her Election irregularities. Detailed analysis of her check distribution clearly shows that the concept of one check per person was violated in terms of the spirit of appropriate cash disbursements. Rather than take responsibility and own up like Ravi did when he found out he failed to file paperwork (ignorance of the law is no excuse, especially when you are a lawyer),  Beth Mason blamed it on her clerk.

Hence the inspiration for this political cartoon and possible t-shirt. Let me know if anyone would like this on a t-shirt by emailing at If I get enough interest I might open up a Cafe Press account and set up a T-shirt store.