Sunday, May 23, 2010

Statement from Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Municipal Garage

Here is a statement from Mayor Dawn Zimmer issued earlier this week on the topic of the Hoboken Municipal Garage. Another web local site had leaked a potential location at 6th and Jackson Streets otherwise known as the Pino Site that got the City Council chambers packed with residents who did not want the garage in their backyard. This release from the Zimmer administration would seem to indicate there is more than one potential site in play here. So the question to the reader is: do you believe the site that works for Beth Mason and Mike Russo's political advantage and was responsible for reporting the leak and was in 100% synch with Zimmer's political detractors and naysayers, or do you understand that certain negotiations on land acquisition have to be done in confidence. More importantly than who leaked the information is (if it was a City Council person shame on them), if it not the Pino Site which is adjacent to both residential and industrial uses, than which site? In other words, Mayor QUIMBY (Roberts) set us up for this NIMBY (not in my backyard). More on other potential sites for the garage later.

The Pino Site at 6-7 and Jackson purportedly one of the options

Statement from Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Municipal Garage

I am writing to assure residents concerned about a potential municipal garage site located at 6th and Monroe Streets. My Administration is considering multiple options, none of which are ideal. Relocating the garage, even temporarily, in this or any other residential area raises serious concerns. Those concerns were heard very clearly at last night's Council meeting, echoing publicly concerns that have been raised both internally by my Administration and by Council Members.

The lack of proper relocation planning in the five years since the garage was sold to fund operating expenses has been the single biggest challenge faced by my Administration. There were no good options available in the very limited time we were given. We have been working diligently to find the least bad solution. I have every confidence we are nearing one of several options that will avoid the outcome rumored in recent days.

The Council has been briefed on alternatives. In an effort to overlook nothing, we have been and will continue to consider additional locations through direct solicitation of property owners and the RFP process, which is scheduled to be completed on May 28th. Results of the RFP process will be shared with the City Council and the public and discussed at a public meeting.

Residents may review the notices for two RFPs issued on our website at the following links:

Please email Juan Melli at in the Mayor's office if you would like to sign up for regular updates on the municipal garage site relocation.

As a final note, it is personally frustrating that I cannot further reduce concern by more fully briefing the public. There are a great many moving pieces to this transaction, and I am firmly advised by counsel that premature disclosure could severely undermine the City's interests. It would be far more comfortable to say more, but I will not do so if it means putting the City's interest at risk.


Dawn Zimmer ◦