Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Political Video - Dale Peterson (AL) "We are Republicans, We should be better than that"

Here is an entertaining and possibly effective political video of Dale Peterson (AL) who is a Republican running for Commissioner of Agriculture in Alabama. I wonder if the gun toting posturing would work in Hudson County. His best quote is: "We are Republicans, We should be better than that!"

Dale Peterson is quite simply taking folksy and cantankerous to a new level in the annals of political ad history.

Dale Peterson - Alabama Republican for Agriculture Commissioner Ad :

My Comment: I included this video since perhaps Beth Mason could try this approach to resurrect her political career. Clearly trying to go after Governor Christie didn't work too well yesterday so if you can't beat em', join em'. After all the money Beth Mason has spent for bad advice on political strategy I figured I would donate this free of charge. Tarnation! Could you picture Mason on a horse (not MSV blogger Roman Brice) toting a shotgun! Cherish the thought! ◦