Thursday, June 3, 2010

Creepy Horse Mask - An MSV Blog Tribute

You might think my competitive streak would preclude me from promoting another blog like the MSV Blog otherwise known as the Hoboken Horse Blog which is managed by Roman Brice aka "Da Horsey". The url to this site is and he does a good job of covering the main events around town with a albeit more conservative slant.

So to help promote my brother blogger here is an idea I found on the Internet to promote brand awareness and generally weird reactions especially at parties where people have limo drivers and such luxuries.......

No one is quite sure where it came from or what it means, but the creepy horse head mask has popped up all over the internet in recent years. Some like it simply because it's weird, others use it to make the world a more surreal place. This website has a few ideas about what you can do when you wear a horse head mask as a disguise, but we suggest you get your own and try things out for yourself. If you do something funny make sure to document it with photos or video and email it to!

To buy this mask at Archie McPhee go to:

I understand that times are tough but the value of laughter has no price tag. ◦