Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Democratic Committee Primary Unofficial Results are in- Column B is up 38 to 33

The unofficial results from yesterday's Democratic Committee Primary: Column B (Zimmer) is up 38 to 33 over Column C (Russo). If this holds after the write-ins are counted then it would be a great victory indeed. Again, to most who don't follow this closely the committee in the past has been important mainly to ensure that it does not funnel money through back channels to non-partisan races. Hopefully the results will hold.

Column B Candidates gathered at Room 84 last night to gather the results
A win?- I hope so but hold your horses until all the missing absentee, I mean provisionals are counted.

Other notes: In the Republican Committee race it was reported to me that Nathan Brinkman lost 4 votes to 3 in his ward and district. Those might be some "real Results" that are hard to digest. Congratulations go out to Scott Siegel who won his ward and district 9 votes to 0. In other words Scott got 300% more votes than his rival Nathan. Way to go Scott! ◦