Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michelle Russo on Facebook - Siege Mentality - Us vs. Them

Thanks to the small nature of this town I was able to get this Facebook message that Michelle Russo blasted out yesterday regarding the Democratic committee seats. Even though turnout was low these seats were hotly contested as evidenced by Mama's War cry........

Michelle Russo on Facebook Yesterday to Get out the Vote....

"To all my Hoboken Facebook friends, PLEASE VOTE TOMORROW for the REAL DEMOCRATS FOR HOBOKEN 6C and 7C.

We need to send Zimmer a message, we still live here and she is not pushing us out.

Thank you. My friends you are the greatest."

My Comment: Hmm- "Zimmer trying to push you out" Michelle? Not so sure you got that right Mama Russo. What Dawn and her supporters will probably do though is make sure there is means testing for any future PILOTS for middle class residents so that normal tax payers (those not on the take) don't subsidize Jersey Shore property owners and that is all. No one is trying to push "your people out" of town politically, just out of office. You and "your fiends" are more than welcome to stay. It is just that if you can afford it, please do pay your fair share and don't give me that we were here first BS. Time for some change that works.

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