Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Michele Russo's Face Book Concession? A Hoboken Journal Exclusive!

Update 5:10 PM:

Here is a screen shot of the original Facebook post I mentioned earlier today from Michele. I blanked some names out that are not political operatives to protect voter anonymity but I left another on the thread as it makes for a nice read.

Original Post 6/9/2010 3:50PM:
There has been more Activity from Michele Russo on Facebook today:

Michele Russo (on Facebook)

"To all my Hoboken FB Friends, thank you so much for coming out to vote, we didn't win the majority on the machines, however, we may have majority. LOL But more importantly, some of the people that we beat got sent a message that people are not happy with Dawn Zimmer and the things she is doing. Thank you again from all of the people who ran on the "Real Democrats for Hoboken" ticket."

My comment: Is this an online concession speech or are the Russos counting on some defection from within the ranks for column B? If that is the case the Zimmer team should check their flank. This message goes out to team Russo: it looks like I have my leak too. Happy City Garage site hunting you "Real (bad) Democrats"! Just remember the concept of NIMBY - Not in my backyard! :)

Hoboken Journal Bonus - here is her statement translated into Italian:

"A tutti i miei Hoboken FB amici, la ringrazio tanto per uscire a votare, che noi non ha vinto la maggior parte dei computer, tuttavia, si può avere maggioranza. LOL ma ancora più importante, alcune delle persone che abbiamo battuto ha inviato un messaggio che la gente non è felice con Dawn Zimmer e le cose che sta facendo. Grazie ancora una volta da tutte le persone che ha eseguito sul biglietto "Real democratici per Hoboken." ◦