Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No Coverage of Primaries on Hoboken 411 - What a Surprise

To the right are the articles on Hoboken 411 that were posted both today and yesterday and not one mention of the Democratic or Republican Primaries in Hoboken. Thank goodness we at least have other websites to go to. Hoboken Patch,, Mile Square View, and Grafix Avenger just to mention a few at least had something on the political event.

Nothing, not one peep out of Hoboken 411 who likes to shake the muscle of his traffic politically when apparently it suits him, or dare I say his backers.  Could it be a directive from Mason/Russo faction or does Perry Klaussen just not consider the primaries to be newsworthy when his slate of choice (anti-Zimmer) was destined to apparently lose. ◦