Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hoboken Photo of the Day - Weird place for a house

Today's Hoboken Photo of the Day shows one weird place for a house near the 1600 Park location. The building is owned by Mark Settembre former partner in URSA who has been a developer in Hoboken and elsewhere over the years. Do you think this is a good investment given the location? Chime in your thoughts below.....

Here is my assessment on the location:

  • View of NYC from third floor.
  • Near site of potential park.
  • No neighbors nearby if that is your thing.
  • Owner probably got the property at a steal.
  • By a viaduct.
  • Little privacy.
  • By train racks.
  • Crappy roads to the house.
  • Traffic and noise. 
  • Pollution. 
  • Garbage strewn about in surrounding area. 
  • Irate taxpayers could demand 30 foot fence put up to obstruct view of potential park from house. :)