Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HJ Scoop!: Clam Broth House is Open for Business

I happened to stop by the newly opened Clam Broth House on 36-42 Newark between Hudson and River streets. The place was open with a limited bar menu tonight and they will have their full opening tomorrow. The bartenders were friendly and both have had experience in Hoboken before. I am just drinking seltzer these days but they did a quick job getting the food out when it was ready. Click the read more link below to see the full menu starting tomorrow. The phone for this restaurant is 201-656-1111.

Entrance way. One of two with arches. 

Well Stocked Bar

Stained Glass is a nice decorative touch.

Seating is well spaced. This could be an occupancy issue with the permits.

Read more below including full menu:

The Mussels had a nice full bodied red sauce. 

The Caesar Salad was good sized and fresh. 

Here is the full menu that the restaurant will start serving tomorrow, good appetite!: