Monday, June 7, 2010

July 4th Zero Tolerance Notification from the Mayor's Office

The fireworks will be along the Waterfront again this year for NYC's 4th of July celebration. As such a big turnout is expected but nothing is being taken for granted from the Police Chief or the current administration base don the press release from City Hall released today. I am sure after the relative success during the St. Patrick's Day Parade the Police force and the City want to keep the good momentum going. Here is the note from City Hall. Spread the word and help those who you know avoid the fines.


On Sunday, July 4th, Hoboken will be a prime location for viewing the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Celebration on the Hudson River. We are expecting thousands of friends, family and neighbors from surrounding communities to visit our City to celebrate and view the fireworks.

It is also a day where participants must exercise good judgment to ensure an orderly and safe event.

All available police officers, firefighters, the Office of Emergency Management, and other municipal officials will be enforcing all codes and regulations regarding public behavior with a zero tolerance level.

This includes an absolute restriction on parties or gatherings on rooftops for viewing of the fireworks celebration unless said property has been properly zoned and approved for rooftop access. Gathering on fire escapes is strictly prohibited. The use of balconies, porches, or any other structures for viewing will be strictly enforced within the confines of the codes for such structures. It is imperative that no overcrowding occur in any of these locations. All codes for the use of rooftops and other aforementioned structures will be strictly enforced with a zero tolerance policy.

No alcohol will be permitted on any walkways or parks along the waterfront. Visitors will need to pass through checkpoints to access the waterfront. Coolers with non-alcoholic refreshments will be permitted access.

 The safety and well-being of all participants is the highest priority. Your assistance in ensuring that this celebration will remain safe for all those participating is greatly appreciated.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer ◦