Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scott Siegel Predictions for Republican Committee

Scott Siegel who is almost as prominent as Lane "Give Zimmer Hell in a Handbasket" Bajardi at Hoboken City Council Meetings but a hell of a lot saner has submitted his predictions of the Republican Committee elections. He has been hearing rumors of a stealth campaign by Nathan Brinkman of the Hoboken Republicans Committee (HRC) on the Republican primary against the Republicans of Hoboken (ROH). He holds off in predicting the outcome of his own race. Let's see how close he ends up being at the end of the day.

Here is Scott's assessment of the possible outcomes:
1-3 Augusta and Frances Przygoda (ROH)
1-4 Matthew Meistrich (ROH)
1-6 Jerry and Elizabeth Forman (ROH)
1-7 David Denning (ROH)

2-1 Scott Siegel (ROH)
2-2 Perry Lin (HRC)
2-3 William Tobias and Laila Safai (ROH)
2-4 Felicia Rubino (IND)
2-5 Sean Kane (IND)

3-1 Elizabeth Ravalico (ROH)
3-2 Thomas Kennedy (IND)
3-3 Daniel Cillie (ROH or HRC)
3-4 John Forsman and Kathleen Tucker (listed as ROH , but may be HRC)
3-5 Leonid and Elizabeth Markevitch (HRC)

4-2 Peter Morgan (HRC) and Kerry Cowart (ROH)
4-3 James Sanford (ROH)

5-2 Peter Rozano and Jennifer Cunningham (ROH)
5-3 Archangelo Valente (IND) and Carrie Stefani (ROH)
5-5 David Small (ROH)
5-6 Nathan Brinkman (HRC) and Beth Hamburger (ROH)
5-7 Brendan Finn (ROH)

6-1 A G Condo (ROH) and Loretta Sheerin (IND)
6-3 Leon Critides (IND) and Diana Davis (ROH)
6-4 Chris Carbine and Suthanna Arsenault (ROH)
6-5 Denis Harte (ROH)
6-7 Donald O'Sullivan and Connie Allen (ROH)

Recap: ROH- 26 HRC- 7 IND- 6 Total- 39
Note: Most IND's will side with ROH.

Other incumbents not on ballot, but possible write in:

1-2 James Monaco and Marilyn Delorenzo
2-1 John Cashin and Mia Macri
5-2 Lisa Palumbo
5-4 Rita Scalzo
5-7 George Husted and Mary Pepe
6-2 Emira Gallo
6-3 Kathleen Critides
6-4 Edward Cunning III

Note: Republicans are for a two year term on the committee and not on like the Democratic Party which has one year committee seat terms. ◦