Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Talk on the street - Primary Day Update and My Dave Roberts Sighting

Time to bring back my segment "Talk on the Street".....

Republican Committee:
For the Republicans in Hoboken it is supposedly a battle between Nathan Brinkman and his HRC faction versus the Republicans of Hoboken who have several people in their organization whom I respect on local issues. With very low voter turnout these write-in candidate campaigns can make a difference. I predict another solid majority for the Republicans of Hoboken and another defeat for Nathan Brinkman after that Real Results BOE debacle led by that half-crazed woman Maureen "I Heart Michelle Rhee" Sullivan.

Democratic Committee:
For the Democrats it is shaping up to be the old guard's last stand. In true form and tactics the "My Counsin Vinny's" are cranking out absentee ballots like an expert South Korean counterfeiter with the difference being that they are supposedly legal: legal as long as the person whose signature it is did not just die in an old age home. Oh, I kid the old guard.:) Change is never easy especially for those on the take.

One person put it best when they said, "who would you rather have in control of the HCDO in Hoboken, Michelle and Mike Russo and their legacy of self serving pandering or Dawn Zimmer? Seems like a no brainer to me." This election is important since if the committee goes back to the same old characters as before, you could see the Democratic Committee become a place where pro-developers at any cost such as uber conflicted NJ Senator Paul Sarlo use the committee to wheel large donations to the likes of Chris Campos who will rubber stamp in 70 story office towers at the NJ Transit Yard. That is simply not what we need for Hoboken whose infrastructure is bursting at the seams. This election is actually very important looking at how the pieces all tie in. Do not be swayed by any hard core Masonite that has backroom deals with Barrys or the Russos, vote row B and skip the write-in suggestions unless instructed by someone you trust who supports Zimmer and the Council majority.

My Dave Roberts Sighting:
I was waiting for the bus this morning and someone pulled up asking me if I wanted a ride. The voice was male.At first I did not know who it was since I don't have any friends with black Range Rover SUVs. I did not have a wide stance or tap my feet in a certain come hither code so I was unsure at first of accepting the ride. Then I realized it was former Mayor Roberts. I accepted the ride and had a brief chat with the Mayor as he was headed downtown and did not mind giving me a lift.

We talked about health issues that he had with his family as well as my recent cardiac scare and the next  things you know the ride was over and I made an earlier ferry thanks to the silky smooth ride provided to me by the wonderful suspension in Dave's Range Rover. Washington Street is like Bosnia in the 1990s with all those plugged up pot holes. I wished Dave and his family continued good health and I meant it. I can't wait to see the Klaussen photos of me getting in Daves' SUV as part of some Zimmer HCDO conspiracy plot concocted in his or Little Voltaire's (Lane Bajardi's) head.

As much as I did not agree with Dave Roberts decisions as Mayor while I was in Hoboken I find it very hard to dislike him on a personal level. It is bad karma.

Hoboken 411 Makes no Mention of Primaries today:
As per some Mason-Russo directive? You figure it out.

Over and out! ◦