Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sinatra Idol 2010 Recap

Tonight at Sinatra Park in Hoboken the Division of Cultural Affairs in conjuction with the Hoboken Historical Museum held the fourth annual Sinatra Idol Contest. The contest was well attended depsite a brief bit of rain right before the show but the weather cleared up and the show went on thankfully.

Sinatra Idol 2010 contestants

There were a number of good performances but in the end the three best perfomers ended up with the appropriate ranking based on what I witnessed. David J. Arellano, a reitred fireman from Staten Island had the winning performance with a Sinatra crowd pleaser "I did it my way". Man that guy really has some pipes!

Sinatra Idol Winner David J. Arellano performs

There was a tie for second place that had to be settled in a sing off between Greg Myers and Rory Aylward. The two were very gracious towards each other during the sing-off and seemed to really enjoy the back and forth during the duet. Greg Myers won second place on a yet another strong performance and backing from his fan base that has signs of support for the talented Sinatra cover man.

Greg Meyer's fans helped give him the edge on applause for second place after the sing-off

Oh, and buddy Valestro of Carlo's Bakery aka "The Cake Boss" provided a cake for the event..........

"Da Cake Boss" provided da cake

The Winners:

1st Place: David J. "I did it my way" Arellano, Staten Island, New York. He is shown to the right.
2nd Place: Greg Myers, Plainfield, NJ.
3rd Place: Rory Aylward, Astoria, NY.

Here are the bios of the winners from the Hoboken Division of Cultural Affairs:

David J. Arellano, Staten Island, New York: He is a retired NYPD Detective after 20 years service, singing for over 30 years, introduced to Sinatra as a young child by my mother who adored him. After he left the police force, he started my own music business performing.

Greg Myers, Plainfield, NJ; Management Consultant: As a kid played piano and trombone and loved the standards, auditioned for a community theater play as an adult and only singing parts were left, had to sing on the spot and they loved his voice (got the part). After that, got the singing bug and karaoke made it easy.

Rory Aylward, Astoria, NY; Army Reservist: He just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan. On the civilian side, he works in the film industry. He has been a Sinatra fan since high school, but didn't start singing until they had karaoke at the Officer's Club when on temporary duty in North Dakota in the summer of 1995.

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