Monday, January 24, 2011

Rent Control Subcommittee Meeting Concluded - Video to come

Tonight on January 24, 2011 the Hoboken Rent Control Subcommittee Meeting was held from 6 PM to a little after 7PM. The meeting was chaired by Beth Mason and for a sensitive subject like rent control was very civilized. 11 speakers from the public signed up and ten members of the community actually spoke more or less within their allotted 5 minutes of time. Below are some photos from the meeting with brief commentary in the captions. I have the full video of the meeting divided into 4 parts and will post that once the video has been processed to YouTube.

A good sized crowd for a subcommittee meeting. People were very well behaved.

From left to right: Mike Russo, Beth Mason, Ravi Bhalla and Rent Control Counsel Victor Afandor.

Ron Simoncini of Mile Square Tax Association speaks to his issues on this ordinance.

This former long term Hobokenite Joe Huntendorf speaks to the issue of rent control and how the upcoming revaluation will affect Hoboken Real Estate in the context of the ordinance.

Dan Thumpson who has long been an advocate for preserving rent control speaks his mind on the ordinance presented.

Cheryl Fallick also chimes in support of rent control and continues with some of Dan's points.
My comment: It should be noted that Lane Bajardi, Perry Belfiore, Matt and Nick Callchio and various other Russo/Mason operatives were not at this meeting and the tone was very professional and civilized. Is that just a coincidence or is there more to it than that? Chime in your thoughts below in the comments about that thought or the meeting in general... ◦