Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two Lanes better than one? Don't worry, they didn't clone Bajardi

Here is the the latest Tranportation update from City Hall and Director Ian Sacs who is a hard worker and justly paid I might add...... 


Second Street between River Street and Sinatra Drive. Credit Jerry Lore

The last block of Second Street before the waterfront was converted recently from a one-way street to two-way operation to improve circulation and reduce unnecessary traffic on Sinatra Drive along the waterfront. The conversion, paid for entirely by an adjacent property owner, also accommodates loading and parking activities associated with the J.Wiley buildings.

As part of the project, Transportation and Parking Department Director Ian Sacs asked the property owner to upgrade pedestrian crossing signals at the River Street intersection to the newer count-down system in accordance with current standards and required bicycle lanes to be included in the new configuration.

“The bike lanes and narrow travel lanes communicate to drivers that they should drive slowly in this busy area filled with pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Director Sacs. “It also activates this street segment as part of the waterfront rather than feeling like a high-speed back alley.” ◦