Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Carlo's Bakery Way Dedication - Can you say 100 years of fondant?

Carlo's Bakery is being honored with its own street corner dedication in honor of 100 year anniversary of the bake shop that serves enough fondant on its cakes to send a whole army of diabetics into a sugar coma. Just kidding of course but as a recently diagnosed diabetic I won't be sampling sweets from the bakery any time soon. This ever popular tourist attraction has been quite the destination since hitting the national spotlight with its reality TV show "Cake Boss". Heck, even my cousins came from Upstate NY to visit the store and buy t-shirts and some baked goods. Visiting with me was an afterthought. Dramatically staged sigh!:)

Carlos's Bakery - No long lines on this day. The bakery was closed on a holiday.


The corner of Washington and Newark streets is getting a little sweeter.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer said the City Council will vote tonight on designating the busy downtown street corner “Carlo’s Bakery Way” in honor of the 100th anniversary of Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop, a local favorite made internationally famous by TLC’s hit reality show, “Cake Boss.”

“Carlo’s Bake Shop is a Hoboken institution which has both satisfied the sweet tooth of residents and visitors and served as a catalyst to bolster our community’s image and local economy,” said Mayor Zimmer. “It is only fitting that we dedicate the corner of Washington and Newark streets in their honor to mark Carlo’s 100th anniversary.”

The dedication also coincides with the launch of the third season of “Cake Boss,” a widely acclaimed and highly rated show which follows the lives and good-natured eccentricities of owner Buddy “Cake Boss” Valastro, his family and colleagues and customers.

“The show has helped reinforce Hoboken’s image as a world class destination, attracting visitors from across the United States, Canada and beyond,” Mayor Zimmer added.

Last month, Valastro was awarded a proclamation co-sponsored by the City Council and the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce for serving as a “good will ambassador” by promoting Hoboken to a global audience.

Carlo’s Bake Shop was founded on Adams Street in 1910 and moved to its current site following its acquisition by Buddy’s father, Buddy “Bartolo” Valastro, in the 1990s. Buddy, Jr. took over management at age 17 following the sudden death of his father. Today, the family-owned business has grown in popularity for its creation of outrageous cakes and homemade pastries and cookies. ◦