Saturday, April 2, 2011

Peter Biancamano Hoboken School Board Candidate

Peter Biancamano sent this letter to introduce himself as a Hoboken School Board Candidate:

Dear Editor:

Most people might recognize my last name from my family’s Italian Deli, a Hoboken landmark of which I am particularly proud. It has been serving the city we love for the past 30 years. Others might know me from my role as a fifth-term Committeeman for the 2nd Ward 5th District, serving as the Sergeant-At-Arms on the Executive Committee. Today, however, I write to you as a candidate for the Hoboken Board of Education.

In 2008, I received a double major from Seton Hall University and immediately began a career in New York City with MSNBC. While a full-time employee, I chose to continue my education and returned to my alma mater to pursue a Master’s, which I am currently completing. I believe no educational opportunities should be wasted whether for myself or the students of Hoboken.

Having closely followed the Hoboken school system for the past several years, I strongly believe that Hoboken students, taxpayers and citizens will greatly benefit if I represent them on the board.

I will serve as an Independent who will not vote on ticket affiliation, but on what is right for the students of Hoboken. Many beneficial programs in our schools have been delayed by a lengthy search for a new superintendent. These programs include advanced placement classes, internships and federal funding opportunities.

I ask that you please attend the Education Forum on Monday at 6:45 p.m. to become familiar with the issues affecting the highest percentage of your tax bill. I also ask that you please attend one of the meet and greets to be scheduled in the near future. Thank you for reading and I look forward to working for a school system of which we can all be proud.

Best Regards,
Peter Biancamano
Hoboken School Board Candidate

Peter Biancamano - 8A
Polls Open 7AM - 9PM April 27th

  • Lower School Taxes
  • Higher Test Scores
  • Implementation of a Global Curriculum
  • Career Education for All Students
  • Higher Graduation Rates
Comment: John Madigan dropped out of this year's BOE race after the ballot deadline so there are now 7 candidates running for 3 positions. Officially as of right now, Peter is not part of any slate. Unofficially, rumors continue to swirl but it is important to note that the Peter has not formally announced any allegiances to Carmelo and Frances Rhodes Kearns who are also running for re-election. ◦