Monday, March 21, 2011

And then Reform/Good Governance Has Six! Jennifer Giattino Announces Her Run vs. Nino Giacchi

Update 3/21/2011: I bumped up this article since the thread seems to have some lively discussion.

Original Post 2/14/2011: The Hudson Reporter just published a story that 6th Ward resident Jennifer Giattino has filed her ELECs to run against Nino Giacchi in May for Hoboken City Council.

Jennifer Giattino
Jennifer has been a resident since 1998 and will very likely have the support of the current administration based on my sources. She is a champion of quality of life issues and obviously feels it is time to put her hat in the ring. I wish her luck in unseating Nino Giacchi who I happen to like very much as a person, but wholeheartedly disagree with his votes in the Beth Mason grab for power era that now plagues the City of Hoboken which is now in a period of ordinance tabling obstructionism and "chicken hawk" budget politrickery. Kudos to Joe Bronco who was rumored to be also considering a run but in true team player fashion he declined to run for various reasons including not trying to crowd the field.

Jennifer Giattino filed for Hoboken 6th Ward City Council 2-8-2011

Here is the breakdown for now of the announce candidates and the factions I see them aligned with currently based on my observation and opinions alone:

Hoboken City Council Races 2011: