Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heard Around Town- Why hasn't Washington Street been repaved yet?

Heard Around Town- Why hasn't Washington Street been repaved yet?

Residents have generally been happy with the number of county roads that were recently repaved such as Garden Street, Park Avenue, 14th Street and others despite the temporary inconvenience. However,  the question remains for some as to why Washington Street has not been repaved yet. Even though I don't own a car I doubt there would be much disagreement that this road badly needs repaving.

I ran into Anthony "Stick" Romano recently who in addition to representing Hoboken and part of Jersey City Heights as our Hudson County Freeholder is also a Captain on the Hoboken Police force. The issue with repaving Washington Street as he explained to me is that the pavers used in the cross walks on Washington Street while nice from a historical look and feel do create an issue for the County in terms of bidding out a contract to repave this county road.

Apparently, the City went ahead and without County authorization years ago added the pavers to Washington Street crosswalks to give Hoboken a nice historical look. However, now that the pavers are installed it increases the cost of repaving the streets and my understanding is that the County doesn't want to pick up the tab for the difference. Given that Hoboken just got the largest percent tax increase from the County don't you think they should pick up the tab anyway? I do but feel free to chime in your thoughts below......

Washington Street last year during water main break