Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama Watch Party this Thursday at Marty O'Briens in Hoboken

There is an informal viewing party for Hobokenites this Thursday for Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention. Details are below in a letter from Mayor Dawn Zimmer...

Dear Friends,

Please join me for an Obama Watch Party, this Thursday at Marty O'Brien's (1st & Bloomfield) from 8:30 - midnight.

Marty O'Brien's is offering our group some great drink and food specials for this event!

We’ve heard from Governor Romney, and Congressman Ryan about their vision for America’s future, and I look forward to hearing President Obama’s response and his vision together with all of you.

Last week Congressman Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in under 3 hours, when in fact his time was four hours, and one minute.

Finishing a marathon is a great achievement no matter what your time. Had Mr. Ryan not "misremembered" I would have been impressed, given that my marathon time was a lowly four hours and 30 minutes.

I know my time, and like all runners, I will never forget it. I don’t know if President Obama or Vice President Biden have ever run a marathon, but I hope if they did, they would be honest about their time.

Let's come together to hear President Obama stand up for the ideals that have made our country great.

Everyone is welcome! (Democrats, Republicans, & Independents, as long as you pledge to tell the truth about your running times!)

See you Thursday!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer