Wednesday, September 5, 2012

City Council Meeting Tonight Starting at 7pm

Tonight's City Council meeting has a lot on the agenda. Below are some of the key items for tonight:
  1. Ordinance to move the elections to November. 
  2. Reading on Petition to eliminate Runoff elections from City Clerk of Hoboken. 
  3. Ordinance for Repairs on Pier A Park and 9/11 Memorial.
  4. Presentation by the Planning Board on the NJ Transit plan proposed by the City of Hoboken. 
  5. Dueling Sidewalk Cafe Ordinances. 
That is just to name a few items. Should be a late night irrespective of whether "City Council of No" (Occhipinti, Mason, Russo, Castellano) who are often either unprepared or just play ignorant or uniformed has obstructionism on the brain.


Live video by Ustream