Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Politicized Halloween Retrospective

The Hoboken Ragamuffin Parade is quite the big hit in Hoboken every Halloween and this year's attendance was quite large. The parade was followed up by tons of trick and treaters and made for quite a festive day overall. I am a bit late with these photos but I figured it would be fun to look back at Hoboken's last holiday and put a little political twist to the whole affair all in good satirical fun. I am sure I will be criticized for this but I can assure that I did not post a photo of a devil since I did not want any church groups, PACs, or Lane Bajardi (The weasel with an easel) doing a presentation about my website at a City Council meeting. Actually, that would be fun; I double dare him.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Maybe not in this case but it was funny to see Peter Cammarano prison costume for the parade. Some people still consider Peter Cammarano a hero and  that is one of the major things that is still wrong with this town.

Well tickle me Matt Callichio! Actually, his costume is Oscar the Grouch and not Elmo.  Questions: Matt is smiling here in this photo but is Matt now grouchy since he was named in a criminal affidavit? Will the NJ AG's office finally take out the trash with a conviction on election fraud from the Timothy Occhipinti 4th Ward race? At this point they are just accusations so stay tuned for more developments on this especially if the decision is made to prosecute. Remember, people are innocent until proven guilty in this country, even if the statistical evidence of correlation to vote buying is overwhelming.  

Is that a purse, a satchel or a big bag of money that Ricky Mason (dressed as a gangster) is carrying on behalf of Tim Occhipinti?  Ricky Mason donated substantially at the last minute via in-kind donations to Tim's campaign.

Elvis was a true reformer (of music that is). Shake those hips!

This Count Dracula could have helped count all of Tim's vote by mail ballots but he is not the political type.
The smell of garlic that emanates from the pores of the La Familia will scare away event the most accomplished vampire.

The Hoboken baby boom continues and will shape the demand for services like schools and larger living units as more parents opt to attempt to stay in town rather than go suburban. It is about the demographics and the strollers. Hoboken will soon need wider sidewalks for all those double-wide strollers. Season's Breedings!

This little guy is so cute and if the City of Hoboken were to hire younger firefighters like this kid it could save the taxpayers a lot of money on salaries! Just kidding! This is one of this year's best costumes for  kids under 4.

Beware of the sleeping giant aka Reformerus_Gianticus. As the saying goes you reap what you sow politically. I, dressed as the grim reaper was telling people "death to corruption and voter fraud!" during the parade.