Monday, December 27, 2010

Emergency! Emergency! Everybody to get from Street! No, The Russo's aren't coming

For some reason this snow storm alert from the City of Hoboken reminded me of the movie "The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming" and the line "Emergency! Emergency! Everybody to get from street!". Having been one of the few brave souls to actually walk the streets yesterday I can attest that walking was even difficult. The Hoboken Police were urging residents to not walk in the streets but that was the easiest place to walk for the few pedestrians that were trying to get home or hopping from one bar to the other.  On a comic note, Perry Klaussen of yellow blog Hoboken 411, the most complete website for hatred of all things Zimmer was true to Nordic form and was spotted in shorts yesterday afternoon. What an Arctic loon that cat is! If he was a native American his name would be Crazy Shorts! Anyway I digress, here is some useful information from the city of Hoboken.......


The Zimmer Administration has declared a state of emergency for Hoboken. Residents are urged to stay indoors and avoid travel unless absolutely necessary.

Hoboken City Hall will be open on Monday, December 27, 2010. Essential personnel are required to report to work, and non-essential personnel who are able to safely travel to work are also requested to report to work.

Residents are reminded that sidewalks must be cleared of snow within six hours after completion of the storm and that cars must be removed from all emergency snow routes:

Street and  Location
  • Washington Street- Both Sides
  • Willow Avenue West Side- Observer Hwy to 11th Street
  • Third Street North Side- Jackson Street to River Street
  • Fourth Street South Side- River Street to Jackson Street
  • Fifth Street South Side- Clinton Street to Hudson Street
  • 13th Street North Side-Washington Street to Willow Avenue

The Hoboken Parking Utility is extending the courtesy to Hoboken residents with Residential parking permits to keep their vehicles in Garages B (28 2nd Street) and D (215 Hudson Street) at the reduced Resident rate of $5.00 through 8am on Monday. Regular rates apply at other times.

Dumping or shoveling snow into restricted fire hydrants areas or into City streets is a violation of the law and subject to a fine. Keeping these areas clear is vital for the safety of the general public.