Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays from Mike Novak and Atlantic Environmental Solutions

Mike Novak and his company Atlantic Environmental Solutions sent out this email to me. With a little imagination and a bit of retouch this is the message I think he really wanted to get out to those voters (err workers) or voting non-workers in the 4th Ward, that by their actions will allow developer freindly binder reading and Lane Bajardi coached Tim Occhipinti to help shape the Hoboken zoning board into a place where variances are given out like candy and companies like Mike Novak's can benefit from the enhanced construction opportunities. Nothing wrong with smart development but something is seriously wrong with planning by varience. Time will tell if my sentiments are a strech or not but I am betting that unfortunately I am right. Look at Tim Occhipinti's main campaign contributors and you will start to see the picture. My more avid reform readers are already there. Happy holidays!