Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hoboken Journal Proposal - Adopt a Corner Plan and Shovel it!

Update 12/30/2010: I was able follow up on my pledge to get to my corner at 8th and Garden and clear out the 4 grates there last night. It took me a bit over an hour to clear all 4 grates. I am sure a younger person could have completed it more quickly but in the immortal words of George Bush Jr., "Mission Accomplished!" I'll try nother corner tonight. Hoboken Journal reader Midtown Authentic is on board and suggests that handicapped parking spots not yet cleared also get added to the priority list. This would be a good project for Hoboken Volunteers to latch on to an offer support.

Corner of 8th and Garden Street Before Shoveling


Corner of 8th and Garden Street After Shoveling

Original Post 12/29/2010: Here is an idea for those in Hoboken that want to help the City of Hoboken instead of twitter or blog away negativity about the current Administration. The City of Hoboken now has a record amount of snow fall that is about to melt over the next week. Every corner that has a sewer grate should be cleared so that the water will not build up. I am sure the City and/or North Hudson Sewer has a plan for the worst offending corners but this is my idea to help the City of Hoboken, the North Hudson Sewer Corporation as well as your neighbors.

I am encouraging any able bodied person who has the strength to pick a corner nearest your home and clear out the section near the corner where the sewer is at least enough to allow the water to flow into the sewer properly for drainage. This will help mitigate the risk for potential flooding somewhat. Your neighbors, the City of Hoboken as well as the North Hudson Sewer Authority will appreciate it.

The Hoboken Journal suggests to help out if you can by clearing the sewer grates near your street corner

Here are the rules or suggestions:
  • Make sure you can handle the shoveling physically.
  • Don't overdo it.
  • Tell your neighbors.
  • Do not shovel the snow into the street or where there is any fire hydrant.
  • Make sure you do not block traffic while doing so.
  • Commit to following up and making sure it stays clear at least once a day.
  • Make sure that the grated area is completely clear.
  • Any fire hydrants that have not been dug out could also help out our fire department.
  • If any official tells you to stop please do so.
  • Feel free to submit you photos to the Hoboken Journal by email at

Editor's Note: I came up with this idea independently of any one in the Administration or any other politician. The idea came to me during my commute this morning. Whether you describe yourself as yuppie or BNR this idea is a positive way to help your community and get a little exercise only if you are up to it. Enough blogging, facebooking or twittering so get shoveling! ◦