Thursday, January 13, 2011

BREAKING: Oh no! Not another Zimmer Lawsuit!

That headline should have got your attention. Apparently there is a drive for a class action lawsuit for those who were affected by faulty "Zimmer Knee". Just when you thought the Zimmer lawsuits would stop! :) Thankfully this does not involve our Mayor, Dawn Zimmer and the lawsuit just shares her last name and has no affiliation with Hoboken except this possibility: Could you imagine if Perry Klaussen needed a knee replacement from eating too much pizza and it turned out it was a defective "Zimmer" knee? Could you imagine the level of hate that would build up in the guy then? Oh wait, doesn't he hate Zimmer already? Is there such a thing as super hate?

NOTICE: If you have the Zimmer NexGen artificial knee and have experienced pain, loosening, or removal of the knee implant, you may be entitled to participate in the Zimmer knee lawsuit and receive a settlement. Please contact the experienced lawyers in our office immediately to protect your rights. We charge no fees unless we are successful.

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