Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hoboken Boathouse Message on Hoboken Cove Community Meeting January 10, 2011

The members of the Hoboken Community Boathouse (HCCB) wanted to get their message out for tomorrow night's important community meeting....

A message from HCCB founder and president, Sandy Sobanski:

Happy New Year Boathouse Supporters and Friends - the BIG MEETING we've been waiting for with the City of Hoboken is coming this Monday evening and we need your help. The goal of this meeting is for the City to refine the plans for the 1600 Park park and the Hoboken Cove section, including YOUR BOATHOUSE. We need a strong showing of support from paddlers and other river-lovers to remind the City that the Boathouse is the MOST IMPORTANT element of the waterfront section, and shouldn't be pushed over to the side or even worse up by the street far, far from the water. We have been in contact with the Mayor and many of the City and County people involved in this project now for years, but as we all know, once it becomes a public process it is CRITICAL that we all show up and voice our support for the Boathouse.

The link to City Hall's announcement of the meeting is below, including the Location change which is now the Rue School Building at 3rd and Garden. If you can come for even a PART of the meeting that will be a huge help to everything we all have been working towards for 7 years. If you are planning to come please RSVP to the so we can keep you in the loop. We really want and need to try everything to ensure a good turnout.

Thanks for your support and we hope you can join us next Monday evening at The Rue School at 7 pm.

-Team HoboCobo