Monday, January 24, 2011

Hoboken City Council Recap - Zoning Appointments

Update 1/24/2011: This post was bumped up for addtional commenting.

Original Post 1/20/2011: Last night, the "new majority" led by Beth Mason and Mike Russo, rammed through their choices for Zoning Board at the City Council Meeting on 1/19/2011. Joseph Crimmons was extended as a regular member and Mike DeFusco was added as a regular member. Irene Smith who was the 4th Alternate was bumped up to Second alternate and Richard Trimetiedi was appointed as 4th Alternate.

Richard Tremitiedi, a former Hoboken Fire Chief was a surprise as a compromise candidate whose vote broke against the party lines of the usual 5-4 variety. Mike DeFusco is young at the age of 28 but already has opinions on the way things should be done. After reading this editorial you can understand why the Russo/Mason axis of politrickery might have wanted this guy on the board as a regular member.

Mike DeFusco letter to the editor in in the Hoboken Reporter from June 7, 2009 Supporting Peter Cammarano:

Here is the makeup of the Hoboken Zoning Board after the meeting:

Look, I have no issue with the "new majority" making their zoning choices. In fact in one case they came up with a compromise candidate being appointed in Richard Trimietidi to 4th Alternate. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that Beth Mason, Mike Russo, and Terry Castellano had made such a big stink about it before when the tables were turned and then go around and ram through their appointments without transparent process themselves. The hypocrisy cuts either way depending on your political perspective but I will not give Beth Mason or Mike Russo any moral equivalency on this issue. To them Zoning Board, appointments are political candy to be given to their developer friendly friends, a significant source for Timothy Occhipiniti's last campaign contributions. Just my opinion. Feel free to chime in either way.

Also, Frank Raia was re-appointed to the Sewerage Authority but his term is not effective until February of this year. He will be happy to have his free medical coverage extended. I have no issue with the medical benefits per se but Frank Raia has bragged in the past about the number of shares in Walmart he owned. I am not sure why he needs to be on the public dole when he is rolling in the dough. Frank Raia is certainly qualified, after serving on the board for years, that man sure knows sh*t when he sees it (That is a reference to his alleged involvement in Timothy Occhipinti's campaign with his vote by mail efforts). Some see this appointment as payback for his vote by mail "logistical" help in Tim's campaign. ◦