Monday, January 24, 2011

Holy Hole of Holes Batman! - Infrastructure Repair at 2nd and Bloomfield

I spotted this substantial repair going on at 2nd and Bloomfield tonight at around 7:30PM. The workers had dug one big hole to fix what appears to be a water main break. Holy hole of holes! Mafia-esque comment: You could put a lot of bodies in that hole! Genovese family, you hearing me! :)

Kudos to these workers who work at all hours of the night to repair our infrastructure when it fails due to the aging of our underground support systems. There was a water main break, that was repaired and water service was restored about 1pm today. Additionally the North Hudson Sewerage Authority was called and there could have been a further collapse. It is a good bet that they will be working there to repair things until the morning.

I wish more local, county and state politicians would address these concerns proactively. Of course, that costs money.

Below is a brief video of the digging efforts by one of the backhoes being used: